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With which digital tools can you grow your business from home?

With which digital tools can you grow your business from home?

Those who say I can grow my business or start a new business without leaving home;

First, decide on the name of your company, get the domain from godaddy .

Prepare your logo at Tailorbrands 

Get your instagram, facebook, twitter , linkedin and youtube accounts.

Prepare your posts from Canva and Adobe Spark 

Apart from the photo archives of these applications, you can also take advantage of freepik

Create your videos in Splice , animoto, videoleap,  filmora or quik .

Enrich your videos with the music you choose from audiojungle, create an iconic signal for your brand.

Use mailchimp , sendinblue and hubspot to reach and track your customers by mail.

Create and share surveys from surveymonkey to test your services and find new insights.

Keep your files in Dropbox or Google drive

Follow your meeting calendar calendly hold your meetings via whereby , zoom and skype, and your online events* with Deal Room.

Write your blogs on Medium and produce new content.

Manage your team and business with trello and slack and track all results with Google analytics, faceook business

Always keep an eye on new digital tools. Do not forget to write your suggestions under this article!

Your company, which will open up to the world from home, is working well 🙂

Best wishes !


Ömürden Sezgin


*If you are looking for an online event management tool that works like calendly to book meetings, tinder to see people for business connection, google meet for 1 on 1 meetings and zoom and others for video streaming, Deal Room is the all in one solution

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