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Tirebolu – Cute Town in Blacksea (English)

Tirebolu – Cute Town in Blacksea (English)

Tirebolu has an important role in the development of my character, behaviours and social life, because it is different from the other towns and cities of this region with respect to its people, culture, and history. Therefore, these differences cause me to have some characteristic properties which can easily help anyone to guess my home town.
I believe that I am one of the luckiest peole in the world because of being from Tirebolu.Tirebolu whose name was Tripolis was founded by people of Miletos in 7 th century BC. The name of Tripolis means “three city ” in Greek. This name was given because of the three castles which were constructed around Tirebolu. Their names are Senjan, Bedrama, and Andoz (Tirebolu, May 4,2001).The Senjan Castle which makes this town popular is located on a cape near the seaside. Moreover,thre are a lot of historical houses, churchs, Turkish baths and an interesting church bell in Tirebolu which were built by the Greeks before the republic period.However, When Turks came and took the control of these places ,they gave damage to those historical beauties and houses.
Tirebolu is located on a hill lying between the black sea and Giresun mountains. In the west part of Tirebolu , Gorele and Canakci ,at the east Espiye and at the south Dogankent and Guce are located.The town is generally mountainous ,and the mountains are the highest pars of Giresun mountains.Between theses, there is Harsit river which provides the only way of Giresun to reach the inner parts of Anatolia.
The weather of the town is cool .In the winter because of the effect of sea and ,in summer ,it is usually rainy and hot.This weather is the most suitable one for the agricultural products such as hazelnut,cherry,tea and citrus fruits which make this town popular in Turkey and even in Europe.Tirebolu produces the most qualified hazel nuts all over the world.
Tirebolu has a population of 17.325 and by the permanent migrations to the other big cities and towns, the population is continously decreasing.
Tirebolu has an important role in Turkey` economy because of producing the major amount of the most qualified hazel nuts of Turkey and also the world.The economy depends on agricultural facilities such as tea planting ,beekeeping .forestry and fishing. Most of the people of Tirebolu earn money from the production and the trade of hazel nuts and fishing.Therefore usually the main interest of this town is the weather that would affect the production and the price that would be given by the government to the hazelnut.
The main industrial companies in Tirebolu are the tea factories which produce the special tea of Cay-kur, chocolate and timber factories.Tourism is an other important income source.There are a lot of natural beauties such as Kazikbeli, Kumbet plateaus.In these plateaus festivals are organized annually, which attracts the attention of the people all over Turkey.Moreover Tirebolu is available for seaside tourismbecause of having the most wonderful beaches of The Black Sea Region such as Kum, Kucukcay, Yilgin and Kaynarca (Giresun,May 18,2001).Both the rising and the setting of the sun over the sea is the most significant property of this small and the cute town of The Black Sea Region.
Altough it has a lot available opportunities to develop more, migration problem and the inadequate concern of government cause this town cause this town to become smaller day by day.But nowadays there are some projects that would be applied by the government such as constructing a marina around the castle and constructing railway from Samsun to Tiflis passing through Tirebolu. I think by the end of these projects ,the future of this small town will change and these will be the beginning of new investments.
Since I spent my holidays in all seasons of the year, I have a lot of interesting memories in Tirebolu. When we go there, we always stay in my grandmother’s house, which is made of timber and has three flats. It is a typical Tirebolu house which has a big garden full of vegetables andsome fruit trees. In winter, we feel cold in one of its rooms where there is a store in order to make the place hot, and in summer we spend our around a tale by listening music and playing games in the wonderful garden of this big house. Moreover, because of locating on a hill of Tirebolu it has a wonderful view of sea and the castle. As a result of this watching the view from the window has become a pleasure for me while spending a holiday at the house.
The house is in Yenikoy, which is a small district of Tirebolu. There is an historical fountain near it and it is placed at the top of a hill. Yenikoy is near the shore and you can reach to the sea easily by passing through a path between small wooden houses. In summer early in the morning after having our breakfast, we, by following the path, reach the coast and jump into the cold water. Afterwards we swim to the small rocks in the sea and climb them. I always prefer spending time on these rocks. Instead of staying at the shore, because like jump from these rocks into the sea with making some artistic figures which in the same time helps me to influence the girls at the seaside. Then, we come back home and always the meal has already been prepared by my grandmother. After the meal we go to another beach of Tirebolu. In summer we always spend our time by swimming at the wonderful beaches of Tirebolu which attracts the attention of people living in other cities of Black Sea Region. My parents like the beach of Kucukcay where they spent their childhood. Because of its wonderful sand, water and the rocks, which are suitable for me to dive into the sea, it becomes the most preferable beach of this cute town. At this beach my mother and I spend our times by playing football, beachvolley and sunbathing. Meanwhile my parents always find their old friends while walking along the beach and they start to talk with them, which lasts about three or four hours. As the sun sets, we make a fire, sit around it and start to sing songs while watching the wonderful view of the sea which becomes more impressive with the rocks. Then we com back to Yenikoy and sit near a window of the house, watch people walking down the street in front of the house and start to talk some acquaintances about the development and the problems of Tirebolu. This is the most enjoyable thing for me. This small chat is not enoug for some of them. In order to make the chat more detailed they come into the house and talk till the morning.
Beside our love and our relatives, our hazelnut gardens is the reason that makes us not to make separate from this town. In order to control and to sell the hazelnuts we should make some periodic visits to our gardens. Sometimes we spend whole day in the garden. My father goes into the garden by following the paths, and controls that years productivity. My brother and I follow him while picking the hazelnuts from the trees and eating them. The best side of this trip is to sell the gathered hazelnuts we turn back to he town and spend this money on chocolate and computer games.
The Festivals and the Bayrams are the best days of Tirebolu for me, since in these days all of my relatives come there to visit the older ones and I can easily take money from them by just kissing their hands. Moreover, because of being together, we eat our meal at the same time and we chat until the morning, and in the morning we sit down around the stove and watch the people passing through in front of our house while having our breakfast.
I like the Sunday mornings of Tirebolu in winter.My grandmother wakes up early.Before preparing the tea, she roasts a piece of bread on the stove.Then because of the voices of gulls, I wake up and go down stairs. I sit near one of the window and while watching the wonderful view of Tirebolu and the sea , I butter my hot bread.Afterwards my parents wake up , and my mother start to prepare the ingredients necessary for pide. I take the materials and go to a cooker quickly in Yenikoy,since I like this delightful Tirebolu pide which is famous all over Turkey .Then I turn back and all together we eat these delicious pides.Beside these on Sundays, we spend our time by preparing fishing lines ,since every Sunday afternoons ,we go fishing by a boat from the harbour.This the best hobby of me which makes me relax.We usually go near the castle or the rocks which are rich in capacity of fish density.Moreover we sometimes have difficulty with dolphins which can eat fifty kilograms of fish in a day.Thus we stop fishing and start to follow this interesting creatures. In the evening we turn back home with about two or three kilograms of fish.My mother and grandmother clean and cook them quickly.Afterwards we become responsible to eat all of these delicious fishes.
In Tirebolu , we had not only happy days ,but also we had some bad memories which affected our family.Therefore sometimes going there become very hard for us.For example ,my parents lost their first child in a traffic accident in Tirebolu before I was born.As a result of this bitter event , they sometimes become very sad whike spending time in Tirebolu.In addition to this , when there is a funeral , all of us go there and make the necessry ceremony for our dead relatives.So ,altough it is hard to go there again and remember these days, we can not be far away from this town.
In conclusion, Tirebolu is the most wonderful town of the Black sea region because of its natural beauties which can attracts the attention of a lot of people , and because of its people who are different from others with respect to their character and because of its great supplement to Turkey’s economy, and lastly its positive and even negative effect on my life. To sum up, if you want to see the rising of the sun between green mountains and the blue water , or if you want to watch the wonderful castle and the wonderful view of black sea from the mountains which are covered with hazel nut orchards , with the voices of gulls, and the figures of dolphins ,you should come and see Tirebolu!

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